Y.M.C.A. Cricket Club YMCA Womens 1st XI squad

1st XI

2013 - Winners of Leinster Junior Cup Final - Capt. Emma L.C. Flanagan

2017 - Winners of Leinster Senior Cup Final & Division 1 League Winners - Capt. Lucy O'Reilly

Gaby Lewis - Winner of Bowling Cup 2017

2019 Captain - Gaby Lewis

YMCA Womens 1st XI YMCA Womens 1st XI

Captain : Gaby H. Lewis

The first player born in the 21st century to play International Cricket. Gaby stems from an illustrious family of sports stars, Gaby has played for Ireland since the age of 13 and has started to make a name for herself across the globe including scoring 50 against New Zealand last Summer. Gaby will look to push on and prove herself as one of the biggest upcoming talents in World Cricket this Summer 

Team Manager : Sharon Lewis


Another talented all-rounder from that 'hotbed' of Leinster cricket which is 'The King's Hospital School'...
Nutured under the watchful of eye of Bob Whiteside among others Sharon also turned out for Phoenix C.C.
Then that fateful night at Phoenix after the Mens Leinster Senior Cup Final of 1992....she met Lew!!
Currently coaching YMs U11 Girls team which includes her own 2 daughters, Robyn & Gaby.
Sarah Forbes
A member of the Scorchers squad for the 2019 Toyota Super 3s Sarah is a top order batter and keeper who will be hoping that 2019 is a breakthrough season for her not only for the Y but for the Scorchers to try and press her claim for higher honours
Robyn A. Lewis
Robyn makes her return for the Y this year after a short break from cricket, Robyn will be looking to impress for the Women's 1XI this year to restake her claim for the National Side, a top order batter and left arm spinner, Robyn has proved time and time again her quality and she will bring experience to a young YM side
Mya Naughton
Joining Ym for the 2019 season from Merrion, Mya is an opening bowler and member of the Scorchers in the Toyota Super 3s she will be a great asset to the club and a player to watch in the future
Kerry Tomlinson
Joining us for the 2019 season, Kerry will take up the role as Head of the Youth Academy and player for the Women 1XI Kerry scored over 1000 runs for Clontarf last year and will be an extremely valuable asset to the side for this year, a wonderful coach and top order batter Kerry's presence will be not only beneficial to the club but to every player around her
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