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Youth Profile Image
For many years, the Club has maintained this website, which records every fixture the Club plays and builds up a fantastic record of the Club's history. Each season the Men's and Women's sides are profiled, typically with a photo and brief biography about the player. Any profile images are also used in selection E-Mails. To make these profiles as complete and interesting as we can, the Club like to include profiles of our Youth's who play Men's or Women's Cricket.

Under the Children First Act, 2015 and our Child Safeguarding Statement, it is now necessary for the Club to obtain the permission of a Parent/Guardian in advance of using a Youth's image and the purpose of this page is to facilitate granting of such permission. Whilst we'd love to include Youth images, the decision to allow the Club to proceed lies entirely with a Youths Parents or Guardians.

If, as a Parent or Guardian, you wish to grant permission to the Club to use images of your Youth, you may do so using the Youth Profile Image Form. 

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