Y.M.C.A. Cricket Club - Social Media User Application Form

Social Media User Application Form
YMCA Cricket Club use a number of Social Media Channels to promote and inform members of the Club's activities.

There are responsibilities surrounding the use of Social Media and these are described in the latest Club Social Media Policy which was updated in March 2018. Any potential Club Social Media users must agree to observe the standards set out in the Social Media Policy.

If you feel you can contribute to the promotion of the Club and its activities on Social Media you can submit your details and request access using the Social Media User Application Form. Click here.........."Social Media User Application Form" to start on a new page or simply start filling out the form below.

Please note that the Club Social Media Policy may change from time to time. All Authorised users are expected to keep up to date with revisions to the Club Social Media Policy and to apply the expected standards that apply from time to time.

If approved as an authorised user, such status shall continue to apply unless revoked by you or the Club or in the event that you cease to be a Club Member.  If you are already an authorised user, you do not need to complete this form.