Y.M.C.A. Cricket Club - Pavilion Membership



Many hero's on the Cricket field from years past continue to be current day hero's for YMCA Cricket Club. YMCA Cricket Club invest in the best coaching available to provide our current day youth with the opportunity to develop their skills and enjoy the game of Cricket for life. In this exciting time or Irish cricket, we hope to see many graduates from the YMCA Youth Academy go on to represent the Club 1st XI with the lucky ones hopefully having the opportunity to play Test Cricket for Ireland.

The Clubs commitment to developing youth talent would not be possible without the financial support provided through Pavilion Membership from many of those who enjoyed their Cricket careers at YMCA as players or are simply just lovers of the game. The whole Club are indebted to those who have and continue to provide support for our activities.

If you would like to sign up for Pavilion Membership and support the Clubs activities in 2018, you can do that here. We look forward to seeing all of you at Claremont Road over the coming season.

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